Senior Integrity Consultant
Adam Maclean is a UK registered Chartered Engineer with over 25 years of experience and a Master of Science in engineering degree. He has expertise with pipeline integrity, project management, quality assurance, engineering, and construction.
Adam is considered a technical expert and lead in all Asset Integrity Management programs by establishing client requirements and design solutions. With his knowledge and experience, Adam has emerged as a leader in the industry, improving the quality of specifications and standards related to design, material, and construction. His work on implementing risk based inspections into integrity services has proven to be of value to clients, allowing for a cost effective alternative to traditional inspections and more reliable results. This program increases the probability of identifying potential hazards and damage and improves the integrity of facilities.
As a Senior Integrity Consultant, Adam values the importance of investing in professional development.  New technologies and applications, and codes and regulations, are in a constant state of advancement. This is why Adam ensures Vision Integrity prioritizes a continuous development strategy for himself and his employees. Adam participates in management and quality courses, and seminars addressing changes to pertinent codes and regulations.